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Why choose DJ Lisa Z over other DJ companies?

   I am a professional communicator and entertainer having performed at over 700 weddings.  When you book my services, I am the person who will meet with you to plan your event and who will perform at your function.  DJ Companies send out a dj that you have never met, simply performing a play-list they have been assigned.  I will play to your musical tastes, mix in requests from your guests, and keep everyone on the dance floor.  I take pride in my work and know that my services will make a memorable experience for the wedding couple.


Why is there such varied rates for djs for weddings?
 I am amazed at the price-gouging that goes on in this industry.  Some dj companies quadruple their regular entertainment rate for weddings to convince the client that "cost equals quality".   A very exclusive reception location stated to me that "I was the best wedding entertainer that had ever seen, but unless I raised my prices significantly they couldn't recommend me".  On the other end of the spectrum, everyone has a "cousin who is a dj".  Unfortunately, these are often dj hobbyists who purchased some basic equipment and hook up to their Ipods.   Remember, the music and the food are the most important variables to your guest's enjoyment.  Be sure to hire a dj: that you are comfortable with; that has a great reputation; experience; and that will be the person who performs on your day.   

What is your rate for weddings?

   The base rate for weddings is $175/hour.  Most wedding receptions are 4-5 hours.   I think you will find this rate very competitive with other professional djs.  I do provide discounts: for weddings over 5 hours; for clients who book me for both the engagement, shower, or bachelorette party and the wedding;  who use my husband's catering services for the wedding or rehearsal dinner; or are a referral from a previous booking.  I do not take breaks - this price is from start of the music until the last song is played.  There is no additional set up/breakdown fee unless multiple setups are used or travelling is involved


Do you book more then one wedding per day/Is overtime possible?

  Rest assured that when you book my services, you will be the only wedding I will be performing at on that date.  When contracting the date, we can discuss if you might need overtime.  It is often dependent on your contract with the reception location or noise ordinance laws (when having an outdoor reception).   Believe me, when the dance floor is full, I enjoy keeping the party hopping!



 What music do you play?  I play to your musical tastes.  With close to 30,000 songs in my music library, there is plenty to choose from.  Most wedding couples enjoy the process of picking out favorite songs.  I suggest you make a list of "must plays" that you and your guests enjoy.  We'll also discuss what you absolutely "don't" want to hear. If you don't want to hear that typical wedding song you hear at every wedding...don't worry, I won't play it.  We discuss it prior and I honor your wishes - it's your day!   Rest assured there will be no obscenities, heavy rap or hard rock played at your wedding - unless you request it.  I understand the varied ages at weddings and can play a mix that will keep them all entertained.  While every wedding is unique, I can easily "read" the crowd.  I know what people like to dance to.  You will not have to pick out every song for the entire reception that is why you hire me!   Once we discuss your likes and dislikes, you can trust my expertise to keep the dance floor moving.   I will be happy to play music you own that is outside my library as well.   

 Do you play requests?  Absolutely.  They are your guests and you have hired me to entertain them.  Rest assured however, if a guest requests a song that is on your "do not play" list, it will not be played.  I have a wonderful way of handling requests and your guests will be offered alternate favorites.

 Can you provide music for the wedding ceremony as well?

     Absolutely.  I will set up my equipment at the reception location and then bring a smaller sound system to your wedding site.  Most couples take pictures in between the ceremony and reception, so I can easily relocate before the guests arrive. 

How can I book DJ Lisa Z if I'm locked into a wedding package?   Even if you have booked a "complete wedding package" at your function location, you can still use my services.  Ask the wedding coordinator what your allowance is for entertainment and mention that you have an outside dj. 

 What is your deposit/payment/cancellation policy?  Once you book DJ Lisa Z, I will send you out a contract.  In order to contract the date, you will return the signed contract with a non-refundable deposit.  The balance payment is due 30 days prior to the function.  Overtime will be paid on the night of the function.      Cancellations:  There are no further charges for cancellations made prior to sixty days prior to the event.  Full payment of the agreed contract price is expected for cancellations made less then 30 days of the event date 

What do we discuss in our pre-wedding meeting?

  When we meet prior to your wedding, we discuss your musical "likes" and "dislikes"; the style, location, and time of the reception; the ages in the guest list; and what you envision your perfect reception to be like.  We go over the details of the day and what traditional wedding events you have chosen.  I'll help you with music choices and answer any questions you might have.  In between the meeting and the reception, I will be available to speak to you (and your wedding coordinator or reception location) via phone and email.